File :1209346994.jpg-(29 KB, 116x388, Nicole_Fury.jpg)
29 KB Anonymous the Third 04/27/08(Sun)21:43 No.3889568  
Image limit in the other thread reached.

So, Hero-O-Matic rule 63, act 2
>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)21:45 No.3889588
     File :1209347142.jpg-(25 KB, 360x245, spaceghosthitit.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)21:47 No.3889600
     File :1209347225.png-(11 KB, 202x435, namor.png)
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The Invisible Man is a lucky Bastard.
>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)21:49 No.3889623
Nicole Fury?......
>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)21:50 No.3889637
>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)21:53 No.3889671
     File :1209347624.jpg-(39 KB, 277x419, doom63.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)21:56 No.3889692
>> Anonymous the Third 04/27/08(Sun)21:57 No.3889708
     File :1209347853.jpg-(30 KB, 107x397, Carrie_Allen.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)21:58 No.3889714
A femflash wouldn't have hair so long.
>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)22:19 No.3889932
     File :1209349166.jpg-(55 KB, 336x432, Erin Stack.jpg)
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even Robots...can cry
>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)22:21 No.3889947
Did anyone ever make rule 63 watchmen?
>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)22:22 No.3889971
     File :1209349372.jpg-(28 KB, 355x457, gambetty.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)22:27 No.3890030
     File :1209349662.jpg-(55 KB, 336x432, Erin Stack X-63.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)22:30 No.3890063
isn't that a mob family?
>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)22:30 No.3890070
this one actually works pretty well I think
>> Cybaiotron !Jlxf0tkskY 04/27/08(Sun)22:37 No.3890143
     File :1209350249.gif-(13 KB, 84x275, chris2.gif)
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It's canon.
>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)22:41 No.3890190
why isn't it covered by goesfast like the male flashes' hair? She should have a long red tendril coming out the back of her head.
>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)22:44 No.3890221
     File :1209350641.jpg-(33 KB, 212x425, Mortimer Rambeau.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/27/08(Sun)22:47 No.3890251
This was before the goesfast costume.