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we\'re the tunnel snakes and we rule
Frozen general for the last half a month
... yeah this is a \'Deck\'
I\'m not sure why they tagged it this
face swapping remains funny
perfect hash tag
snapshop of co as GLTAS and Young Justice air their final episodes
oh god the googly eyes in the hulk
Motorcity was confirmed cancelled today
I\'m a little horrified
they\'re like primate mice
What the fuck am I casting?
the pizza planet truck in Brave
it was titled \'hecarims ganks ashe and janna bot lane\'
my brother and his friend after laning phase ends
they won\'t do this, but it\'d be cool
it was titlted \'bolin bringing flowers to korra\'
adult swim posits the question: can a series where the entire joke is \"it\'s blaxploitation\" work? (spoilers: yes, their audience is so stoned they\'d watch 15 minutes of test pattern)
the hell?
who let \/v\/ into \/co\/
Ironscale still should have been Shyv\'s default skin
I swear the new Shyvana skin is just an excuse to give her a vaguely skyrim helmet
among is the worst kind of facebook troll
it must take good friends to help with this

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